2000-2020: Celebrating 20 Years

of aerospace technology development and implementation

Dimensional restoration of the inner diameter of a nose landing gear outer cylinder inside the patented ES3 magnetron sputtering chamber at our Clearfield, Utah facility. Our magnetron sputtering process uses physical vapor deposition to add material with properties similar to the original substrate resulting in a repaired component that passes all adhesion and bend test specifications.

ES3 is a niche engineering firm providing specialized design, development, and fabrication of products for aerospace and other heavy industry sectors. In 2020 we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. With immense gratitude, we thank our many customers who directly or indirectly sponsor the technology development responsible for our business growth.
ES3 has a purposeful business mission--to improve the performance, maintenance, and supply of mission-critical and safety-of-flight components while reducing the environmental impact of aerospace production processes and the hazardous exposures of aviation maintenance crews.
ES3 operates more than 200,000 square feet of customized office, laboratory, and production facilities in seven locations including San Diego, California, Clearfield, Utah, Warner Robins, Georgia, Midwest City, Oklahoma, and Vienna, Austria.