Executive Staff

ES3 Executives oversee a diverse technical staff with a depth of capabilities in mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering, and structural mechanics for aerospace and other high-end applications. ES3's environmental and material scientists develop and implement innovative improvements in material processing. ES3's quality assurance staff has established procedures, controls, and inspections to ensure best practices. Our computer science staff includes software engineers with the capability to design and develop highly engineered software applications while our system administration staff is qualified for maintaining systems with the highest requirements for availability, reliability and data integrity.
Craig Pessetto's Biography
Craig Pessetto
Manager, Environmental Programs

Craig is an experienced manager of challenging research, development, and implementation efforts with the potential for significant pollution prevention ramifications. Craig is a licensed professional engineer, holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah and an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University, and has more than 20 years experience. Craig and his staff have successfully developed and transitioned into production the use of Cadmium replacement technologies.
Chad "Hoss" Forrest
Manager, Electrical Systems Development

Hoss is ES3's lead engineer and supervisor for examination and redesign of aerospace electrical components and systems. His expertise includes all areas of aircraft antiskid and steering systems, including design, development, flight qualification, and implementation. Hoss is a professional licensed engineer with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah and more than 15 years experience.
Jay Randolph's Biography
Jay Randolph
Director, Southeast Operations

Jay leads ES3's Southeast operations, including all teaming and business development efforts. Jay is an aerospace engineer with over 25 years of engineering and aircraft maintenance experience, both commercial and military. Technical expertise includes overhaul and repair, modification, failure analysis/damage tolerance, aging aircraft and corrosion control, and on-site incident recovery. Prior to joining ES3, Jay was a Lead Principal Engineer and Supervisor at Delta Air Lines. Jay holds a Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
Fred Laguines's Biography
Fred Laguines
General Manager, Southeast Operations

Fred assumes responsibility for day-to-day operational management of all activities and functions, as well as program development and project engineering tasks for ES3's Southeast Operations. As a former aircraft structures and landing gear engineer from Delta Air Lines, Fred has more than 15 years engineering experience with pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical components and subsystems. Technical expertise includes structural and material aspects of aircraft systems, structures and component repair, landing gear, and wheels, tires and brakes. Fred holds a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Masters of Business Administration from Regis University.
Todd Walker's Biography
Todd Walker
Program Manager and Technical Specialist

Todd is an aerospace engineer with more than 25 years experience in requirements definition, design/integration, development/qualification, and sustainment strategies for a variety of military aircraft. He is an expert in nondestructive inspection (NDT Level III) and aerospace failure analysis. Todd has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University and currently oversees major wheel and brake system improvement programs.
Rob McCowin's Biography
Rob McCowin
Engineering Supervisor/Project Lead

Rob has extensive experienced in all types of aircraft structural integrity programs involving structural analysis, repair development, risk assessment and mitigation, configuration control, and structural programs management, specifically budget/scheduling/planning/oversight. Rob has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University and more than 25 years professional experience.
Joe McFarlane's Biography
Joe McFarlane
Engineering Supervisor/Project Lead

Joe is one of ES3's most experienced managers for large systems integration and structural engineering efforts. Joe is a licensed professional engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. Joe has over 25 years experience overseeing aircraft failure modes/effects analysis, airworthiness, and aero performance engineering. Joe's expertise includes many aircraft mechanical systems including hydraulics, pneumatics, flight controls, landing gear, environmental control systems, fuels, engines, and egress.
Richard Vander Straten's Biography
Richard Vander Straten
General Manager - MRDC/Managing Director - Quality Management Systems, MRDC-PLG

Richard manages the Materials Research and Development Center (MRDC) in Clearfield Utah. His expertise includes general management, quality management, material testing and analysis, HVOF/Thermal Spray optimization and advanced surface finishing methods, mechanical design and fabrication. Richard holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas and has over 25 years of engineering, quality systems and small business management experience.
Lilian Flores's Biography
Lilian Flores
Accounting Manager

Lilian has over 20 years of experience in the area of Accounting and Finance. She is ES3's Primary Point of Contact to DCMA and DCAA as it pertains to Indirect Rates, Pre-Award Cost Proposals and Cost Voucher Audits. Lilian assists the CFO in overseeing the day to day operational functions in the area of Government Accounting Compliance, Year End close, Internal Financial Reporting, Project Control, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Purchasing. Lilian holds a BS in Business Administration, Management from San Diego State University and received a Certificate in Government Contract Management issued by the National Contract Management Association at San Diego State University.
Belinda Williamson's Biography
Belinda Williamson
Human Resources

Belinda is the Human Resources Generalist Lead for ES3. She oversees Regulatory Compliance & Reporting, Recruitment/Employment, Training & Development, Performance Management, Policy Implementation, Benefits, 401K, Workers' Compensation and Employee Relations for all ES3 locations. Belinda works to cultivate a workplace environment that maximizes employee value, fulfillment, creativity and overall performance. Belinda earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics from Oakwood University and her MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her extensive background in microbusiness development and corporate enterprise optimization shape her approach to human resources.
Robert W. Knievel's Biography
Robert W. Knievel
Engineering Specialist

Bob joined ES3 after his retirement from a distinguished career at Boeing as an Associate Technical Fellow, DER. He was the lead engineer on the Boeing 747-8 airplane, oevereeing debvelopment and integration of its landing gear. At ES3, Bob provides expertise in structural analysis of aircraft and landing gear. He holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.
Tom Dwenger's Biography
Tom Dwenger
Aircraft Tire Engineering Consultant

Tom provides support on the design, production, and product support of bias and radial, new and retread aircraft tires. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Indiana Institute of Technology and a wealth of global experience in dealing with original equipment airframe manufacturers, airlines, wheel and brake manufacturers, and tire manufacturers.
Robert D. Cook's Biography
Robert D. Cook
Brake Control Specialist

Bob is a brake control systems engineer with over 38 years of relevant technical and management experience, including the design, development, flight test and production of brake control systems, algorithms, architectures and solutions relating to all types of antiskid / brake control systems and components. Bob holds a BS in Electronic Engineering from the California State Polytechnic College.
Sheridan Kay's Biography
Sheridan Kay
Manager, Landing Gear Prime Vendor Contract (LGPVC)

Sheridan oversees all of the ES3 parts supply activities. She is the contracting authority for ES3 PLG under the US Air Force Landing Gear Prime Vendor Contract. She oversees all purchase agreements with subcontractors as well as all teaming and technical agreements. Sheridan has a BS in Finance from Weber State University and is experienced with all aspects of Government Contracting, FAR, DFAR, and ITAR compliance.
Haley Bowen's Biography
Haley Bowen
Manager of ES3's Internship Program

Haley is an Executive Assistant in ES3's Clearfield, Utah facility. She supports ES3 managers and staff members with adherence to policies and procedures for such essential services as security, export control, purchasing, travel, and quality assurance to name a few. Haley is also the manager of ES3's Internship Program. She selects, hires, and places high school, college, and graduate school students in internship positions throughout ES3's various engineering, business, test, and fabrication facilities. The ES3 Internship Program has been a great way for students to obtain real work experience and for ES3 to connect with potential new hires.
Chris Dickson's Biography
Chris Dickson
Manager, Software Development

Chris manages the software development of ES3's suite of software products that support and enhance ES3's engineering capabilities and improve internal business processes. Chris applies proven software engineering methodologies throughout the software development cycle including requirements analysis, design, development and testing. Chris has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah and has over 15 years of experience working with modern web applications, client-server and stand-alone desktop applications, and programs that run on handheld devices.
Brad Baden's Biography
Brad Baden
Rolling Stock Subject Matter Expert

Brad joined ES3 after retiring as a Project Engineering Manager at UTC Aerospace Systems (Goodrich Wheels and Brakes). Brad has 42 years of engineering experience in the design, development, and qualification of wheel and brake systems for military, regional & business, and commercial programs. Most recently, Brad was the UTAS chief engineer for the C-130 and F-15 WBSI programs. Brad's expertise is in the area of detail design of wheels and brakes. Brad has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.