Navy EPaS

The US Navy EPaS (Equipment Procurement and Sustainment) contract N6833519D0061 was awarded to ES3 in 2019 and has a five-year period of performance. The EPaS Navy contract vehicle supports USN Fleet Readiness Centers with depot level maintenance operation, various equipment procurement and equipment sustainment necessary to meet fleet aircraft schedules and obtain solutions for product lines challenged by obsolescence issues—materially-aged, and technologically-dated equipment that is negatively impacting the command's capacity to support 4th and 5th generation weapon systems.

The EPaS contract covers a range of functional areas that include (but are not limited to) Ancillary Equipment, Blasting and Test Equipment, Coating Equipment, and Wet Processing Equipment.

ES3 is one of five contractors available to support the Ancillary Equipment functional area.

ES3 is the sole source contractor for the Blasting & Test Equipment functional area which includes but is not limited to coating removal with wet systems such as pulse waterjet stripping.

ES3 is the sole source contractor for the Coating Equipment functional area which includes but is not limited to LHE Zn-Ni electroplating, advanced HVOF coatings, and dimensional restoration using magnetron sputtering.

ES3 is also the sole source contractor for the Wet Processing Equipment functional area which includes but is not limited to primers, conversion coatings, plating, and cleaning.

The EPaS contract covers the following US Navy Fleet Readiness Centers:

Region 1: Fleet Readiness Center East

    Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina

    Marine Corps Air Station, New River, North Carolina

    Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, South Carolina

    Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey

    Aviation Support Equipment, Solomons Island, Maryland

Region 2: Fleet Readiness Center Southeast

    Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida

    Cecil Commerce Center, Jacksonville, Florida

    Naval Station, Mayport, Florida

    Naval Air Station, Key West Florida

    Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Naval Air Station Mid-Atlantic, Norfolk, Virginia

Region 3: Fleet Readiness Center Southwest

    Naval Air Station, North Island, California

    Naval Air Station, Point Mugu, California

    Naval Air Facility, El Centro, California

    Naval Air Station Lemoore, California Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California

    Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton, California

    Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona

    Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

For more information about the ES3 EPaS contract, please contact:

Ed Moffett
ES3 Business Development
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