Testing, Diagnostics, and Analysis
Custom designed rig for dynamic shimmy testing.
ES3 performs dynamic field testing as well as custom designed laboratory tests for verification and validation of new concepts and configurations. We use state-of-the-art instrumentation and data acquisition systems to capture actual dynamic phenomena data.

Proper interpretation of a structure's dynamic response is critical to ensure a system design will meet performance requirements. ES3 has staff with exceptional expertise in measuring, modeling, and understanding dynamic phenomena.

ES3 performs dynamic computational analysis using the MARS code with such features as:

  • A dynamic explicit algorithm
  • Implements all the capabilities and versatility of a general finite element code
  • Lattice Discrete Particle Method (LDPM) and
  • Adaptive remeshing algorithms for shell and solid meshes, which facilitate the solution of problems involving structural break-ups, fragmentation and post-failure response under extreme loading conditions.
Finite element model of a Ford Taurus (left), developed at George Washington University for crash simulations, used with the MARS code to predict the effect of surface charges applied on the vehicle (right).